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Originally Posted by Sugetsu View Post
Holy Sh*t!!! Looks like the freedom plaza protests are going to be interesting....

How are CNN, Fox and MSNBC covering this?

I found this video:

CNN, Fox, and MSNBC are not going to cover this unless it gets violent and we see water-cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets flying.
These protestors are just sitting in the street excercising their right to protest the corporatist pigs plunder of the United States.

Not that the banksters care.
They're yucking it up.

They're not going to listen to us, and if we get out of line they've got a whole plethora of methods of dealing with us.
It's sick, but even more sick is that these bankster types do not see us as human.
We're "resources" to many of them, and if we start getting upity, they'll sick the dogs, the military, or--if push comes to shove--a crisis on us.

What do you think the militarization of the police, the street cameras, the TSA checkpoints, the repeal of Posse Comitatus, the "war on Drugs," and gun control is actually for?

I'm happy to see these protestors going about this the same way the original Tea Party did.
No violence, and simply making their voices heard.
However, that said, the original Tea Party didn't stop the Health Care law from passing, and they were greater in number than OccupyWallStreet appears to be, so what makes you think the OWS protestors will fare any better than the TP did?

Originally Posted by flying ^ View Post
gotta love this...

this really highlights the difference between civilized Tea Party protests a couple years ago vs the riot-prone, combative-by-name OccypyWallStreet.
They're both behaving themselves flying.
The police tried to set up the OccupyWallStreet people as being "violent" just like the media tried to set up the original Tea Party as being "racist."
In both instances the protestors were being manipulated by agitators and pro-corporate provacateurs to misbehave.
Hopefully the OccupyWallStreet crowd won't get taken over by some monied special interest group like the Koch brothers....oh wait they're calling for the globalist "Robin Hood Tax" supported by uber-rich types like George Soros and Warren Buffett...guess they've already been co-opted.

Damn, that was fast!
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