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Originally Posted by Salt View Post
Well, you can't really blame him, his whole life up till he got the geass was a facade. He is a britanian prince masquerading as a student, living the fake life of a student because he had no choice.
I'm not placing any blame or taking any away, I was just trying to solidify my position on how Lulu acted toward his friends in R1...It wasn't this loving, kind-heartedness Dann of Thurs was talking about IMO, not that that didn't exist under the surface...It was alot of disjointed aloofness, and quite honestly it was alot of tolerant-acting (Something he has shown in R2 aswell)...I mean in his mind he used to have so much more important things to do (In-terms of his revenge, before and after Geass), so he would put on his "friend-face" just to facilitate whatever interaction he had to do with them (Just like in R2-5)...

Clearly the staff felt like ep 7 was the perfect chance to take him out of the anti-villain mode and turn him into an anti-hero...I expect Suzaku to have a similiar effect just like Lulu, only it will be visa versa...
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