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...uh, but there weren't any cracks within their friendship. Lelouch and Suzaku started out hating each other, so the only way to go was up. The only got one summer together anyway.

Besides, there's isn't really a basis for jealousy or 'overshadowing' between them anyway. To compare Lelouch and Suzaku in tactical ability, or Suzaku and Lelouch in physical ability, would be ridiculous, and they both knew this from the start. There's friendly teasing on that basis from both fronts, but in fact the extreme seperation in their abilities actually enhances their bond, to the point where they both believe "We can achieve anything together". Add that to the fact that Lelouch and Suzaku have the same goals (happiness, a kind world), and you end up with what should have been an unbreakable bond.
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