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-After watching all the episodes currently available within the last 2 days (hoorah for lack of sleep) I got to say that I am not impressed with Suzaku at the moment. On the one hand he is certainly in love with an admirable idea but at the same time his methods are not at all compatible with that idea. He claimed recently that he wants to become a "Knight of 1" so that he can gain control of Area 11 and therefore, in his opinion, freedom for the Japanese. However there is a slight problem with that. No matter how high his rank as a soldier grows he will always be bound to Britania. Becoming Area 11's ruler will not change anything for the Japanese outside of receiving a new face for their government. At it's core Japan would still be under Britanian rule since their ruler is already a Britanian servant. And let's not rule out the possibility that if Britania decided to wage war on another country they can very easily demand that Suzaku send his people to fight someone else's battles (kind of like how several countries were pulled into WWI due to political/diplomatic reasons). In conclusion, Suzaku's goal is admirable albeit very long and strenuous and might be even doomed to failure considering the current emperor of Britania.
I think the biggest flaw in Suzaku's plan is whether or not he can become the "knight of one",after that is pretty easy. He can even cut tie with Britania after a few year,now that Japanese can make their own Knightmare, having the best knight of Britania as their leader and all the Sakuradite in the world (70%) Britania wouldn't want to mess with them anymore.

send his people to fight someone else's battles
Actually this only might happen if Suzaku is in charge, but if Lelouch win then the Japanese will surely going to fight someone else's battle.

Btw, the emperor won't be around forever and someone else will replace him(if only "prince" Lelouch realize that to geass his way to the throne is much easier than to start a rebellion)
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