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Originally Posted by DN24 View Post
Actually this only might happen if Suzaku is in charge, but if Lelouch win then the Japanese will surely going to fight someone else's battle.

Btw, the emperor won't be around forever and someone else will replace him(if only "prince" Lelouch realize that to geass his way to the throne is much easier than to start a rebellion)
-Allow me to clarify then. With Suzaku in charge Japan will never be freed from Britanian influence. Everything will continue like it has been at the start of the series: Britanians will still be held in higher regard, the Japanese are still going to be referred to as dirt (with the exception of Suzaku himself). In other words, Britania would always keep Japan on a leash. Lelouch on the other hand wants all Britanian influence gone from Japan, or at least influence that his father has. The only difference between these 2 is that Lelouch's followers willingly set forth into battle believing he can grant them the Japan of the past. Whether this is the wrong method or not remains to be seen however.

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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post
And it's not like it's certain the Emperor is a bad guy anyways. Everything he's done has been to 'destroy the gods', he's been pretty reasonable (if not kind) otherwise, and until we find out what that means him being a hero is still just as likely as him being a villain.

Fukitsu Naruto, you mentioned in the other thread that Lelouch knows what kind of man he's dealing with, knows what kind of man is ruling Britannia but as far as I'm concerned Suzaku might actually have seen the bigger picture. Lelouch is obviously biased against his father for not caring about his perfect, innocent mother and still believes the Emperor is motivated purely by the Darwinist views he's espoused. Suzaku, on the other hand, knows the world isn't a happy place and has been shown the Emperor's true plans. The Emperor might not be a bad guy, and Suzaku knows that better than Lelouch.
-I don't recall mentioning that the emperor was evil, just that Lelouch knows from personal encounters with him of his way of thinking (let's recall why both Lelouch and Nunnaly are in Japan). Not that I disagree with the notion that the emperor may not be evil but there are certainly a few things make me think otherwise. For the one part, he encourages his children to kill each other senseless to "prove their worth" in order to ascend the throne. But that's not evil considering he never told them openly to slaughter each other. He upholds inequality in the view of "only the strong survive". Last time I checked, the Code Geass world is not a jungle with humans being tormented by providence to the point where survival is an issue. Then again by that same notion, the moment Lelouch decided to wage war on Britania everything became fair game. Of course I might just be thinking too much and inputing real-life into a fantasy.
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