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Actually as I mentioned in my post before i do not think it is only about Wales death.

Remember the whole letter incident and basically how in my opinion skillfully she got Louise into helping her to get the letter back.

I mean she came to Louise at night started talking how great friends they are (though she haven't been in touch with Louise for a very long time) then whines about how she is in trouble and though refused Louises concern and help at first, she still told what was about and even told how Louise could help her, which of course Louise did.

So I think Henrietta was manipulative even before Wales death. But after Wales death she became, more aggressive so to say, willing to sacrifice people for the sake of peace... Yet peace build on blood is never very stable...

I also second the thought that Henrietta may be the last obstacle in the novels as well... She is not evil but... she looks very manipulated to say the least...

Like she imprisoned Louise and Saito so that they would not help Tabitha but once they escaped and helped Tabitha, Henrietta started using the fact that Tabitha is her cousin and Louise became her best friend once again...

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