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I agree and disagree with you at the same time, serenade...

I agree with you about her seducing Saito mostly from loneliness, the first time she tried... But the second time she was trying to seduce Saito it was very precise afforts and even if it was influenced by her loneliness you have to wonder how she rather calmly abused her queens powers to keep Louise and Saito apart as much as possible, keeping Saito close to herself.

Plus the second time she kissed Saito she was pretending to be Louise (Though Saito realized it by the end but still..Using your best friend's outlook to seduce the one she loves is bit low...).

All these things combined, I would not be surprised if her motives would not be only her lonely heart (the second time she tried seducing, the first one was definitely emotional one) but something else as well...

Henrietta is a hypocrite without a doubt. It is hard for me to imagine how a person that read all 14 volumes of ZnT novels would still not count Henrietta as a hypocrite, as her actions and words strongly contradict.

The question is - is her hypocrisy simple and she still is naive fool inside or is she actually very manipulative character.
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