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Well we could question ourselves do the guys at KGB responsible for killing so many people in soviet union?

After all they were raised to be part of the structure, which in soviet union was loyalty to the party and the leader, to the point of killing and betraying your own family.

Do the young nazis-yougend were responsible for killing jews in Hitler's Germany? They also were a part of the system.

A lot of people use system to cover up their own cruelty and bloodlust and when they are caught they say - I am not the one to blame - system is at fault.

But the fact that some people grow out of the system makes such comments less credible.

In ZnT novels Louise was able to grow up out of the system (she gave up on her tittle for saving her friend), Montmorency, Guiche, Kirche are also not what you would consider nobles that are completely dependent on the system either.

So i do not think you can everything put on the systems blame. You can break through it even if you were born in it.

The people that killed others in nazis germany or in soviet union were either too weak or not willing to step out of the system. it was hard to determine weather the person was too weak or just enjoyed killing under the cover of the system. However, the responsible ones (the ones that take the highest government positions) were all punished.

Henrietta is taking the highest possible position in her country thus her responsibility for her actions is much higher than others. Which also puts a lot of stress on her, yet when her latest decisions lead to bloodshed (though it could have been avoided) one can question if she could be held responsible for that despite the system?

I think Henrietta is more complex character rather than just a naive idiot whose hypocrisy steams only from her emotional weakness (where he says to the face one thing, but turns around - and does completely different thing) but rather at least some of her actions are calculated (killing enemies off, using Tabitha and Louise).

The latest event will make her worry without a doubt. Loosing Louise (void magician) would her a lot, so I think she will try to regain the control in one way or another. Tabitha is a problem, since no matter how hard Henrietta may press on the fact that Tabitha (Charlotte) is her cousin, it is obvious that Tabitha only trusts Saito, Kirche and Louise the most, he friends that risked everything to save her rather than the queen who imprisoned them to prevent her from saving just to keep the political stability and only became a caring cousin later.

Henrietta isnt evil and she can herself fall into the trap (like with the pope) however, a thief that had been robbed is still a thief. Henrietta, who had been manipulated, can still be a calculating manipulator herself.
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