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Originally Posted by darkjester View Post
OMFG resurection of my crappy gallery again!!! lol...

well, got back into the sig making thang.... a bit rusty though... been trying out new things, reading up on tutirials and such, and brushing up on old styles....

these are my latest sigs....
Yo DJ.. hishashiburiii ^^


i call this "chaotic splash" style...
Its chaotic alright.. the colors dont compliment each other at all IMHO


did this as a request... used my old c4d style...
Using yellow as main BG colors rarely works ^^


grunge/filter style...

dunno what to call this... but i followed a tut....
Quite flat.. but I applaud for the render choice.. Sawyer is WTFBBQAWESOME!


another tut... "splatter displacement" style...
BG could use a bit darkening


yet another tut... dunno what style this is... but it has some c4d in it....
C4d is overated .. -.-

and there we have it.... as u can see, each sig follows a different style... like i said, just trying out new and different things...


comment, critique, gimmi some advice... whatevers...

k thxs...
Goes for funky style.. popout, animation.. Sticking to one style are just plain boring.. take 2 tutorial.. mix and match.. the more you experiment, the less chaotic the result is And tutorial that gives you strict detail (such as drop opacity to 46%, change the blending to softlight [why? i dont know, just follow my instruction]) are not helping you.. it only allow you to copy.. not teaching you anything.
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