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Originally Posted by Bayu View Post
Yeah, Hisana a_a

I'm about to die ._. I love Stardust SO FUCKING MUCH and I can't find this vid anywhere a_a I've d/l Triumph and Roman, and everything to see if I can find it, but nothing a_a

Okay, a ps, I d/l things 'cause buy a Sanhora's CD or DVD from Brazil is really, really, really expensive, okay? a_a I'm not rich yet... Don't crucify me, ppl.
I think that they performed that at the Triumph concert, but unfortunatley it wasn't released in full, so we'll probably never get to see it.

Which sucks ):

I heard REMI and YUUKI sang Kowareta Marionette at that concert too, which I would kill to see.
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