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Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
- I always enjoy the parts where Hayate and Nagi hang out without any sort of romantic antics involved, such as this episode or the beginning of the previous season's 28. I'm not sure about whether they'd do well in a relationship, but they certainly have great chemistry as friends. I'm starting to miss Nagi. The extra Hinagiku coverage is nice and everything - I've come to understand and appreciate her much more than I ever did during the first season - but Nagi's easily my favorite female. I've always wondered why so many people don't like her. I guess it's because she's the main heroine, which in any sort of fandom is like a big target sign saying "Hate me." Main characters are the worst, they're nothing compared to those totally awesome secondary characters who I probably wouldn't like as much if they got more screentime and stopped being underground. Also, 'Hayate is saying a really lame thing with a really cool look!' might be my favorite quote of the episode.
There are quite a few other reasons why one could dislike Nagi.
For example, her being voiced by Kugimiya Rie and her loli tsundere nature is kind of like a "hate it or love it" scenario. Some people are sick of these kind of characters (Shana, Taiga , Louise) and therefor dislike any other character with the same personality.
Another reason may be that some think there was way too much focus on Nagi in the first season with a result that they got bored of/annoyed by her.
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