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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
The funny thing is: I'm almost convinced that Nagi was more or less designed to be the average anime otaku's wet dream.

o Loli

o Devoted to the lead character

o Filthy rich

o Interest in all things otaku

Had her age (and thus her eligibility for romantic interest) been pushed up just a little bit more, I'd have been convinced that this was the mangaka's intention off the bat.

Then again, you never know how things develop. For example, Hata never expected (and intended) Hina to become the huge fan favorite - he said it came as a total surprise for him.

So letsee where the story goes.
Nagi is just a spoiled BRAT! Hayate is confused beyond! He should just go with Ayumu. SHE WAS FIRST! Other than the A-tan girl thing!
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