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*Do not read unless you wish to be spoiled about the Macross Frontier (TV)
*Do not click links unless you wish to read about the movie.

It's amazing how a simple set, or phrasing, of words can inspire such fervor amongst certain people who clearly could not see the context of my two posts. Yes I am an AxS supporter, but that has not clouded my ability to look at things from every angle and make inferences from facts, not opinions.

If you question my integrity and ability to not be blinded in bias, I suggest you look at my post history concerning Macross romance. It'll be quite enlightening.

In my first post here, you will see that the first half of my post is entirely how I support the idea of the new Ranka. I praise Kawamori as a genius by strengthening Ranka's background and giving her a solid base to work off of. I was always troubled by TV Ranka's personality and her need to insert herself into Alto's life.

Was my support for Ranka lost to the masses during translation?

Now in the second half of the first post I made the statement that brought AxR fans to arms, I said AxS was canon and included the ire raising phrase "we all".

To address the first issue, I stand by what I said. By all logic AxS was canon at the end and Sheryl did have the upper hand.

By all logic I mean the fact that AxS was developed far more than AxR had ever been. More emotional moments, more physical contact, more heart to heart conversations... Ranka had so little in comparison. In addition, there were many more homages paid to past Macross series through AxS as opposed to AxR. Even within the series itself, parallels were drawn to reflect AxS (Ozma x Kathy).

Thus, by logic, in a triangle that had no clear ending, canon goes to the girl who received the most development in relation to the main love interest. In this case, that girl is Sheryl and the love interest is Alto. And so we have AxS canon in the TV series.

Now I should also add that if one decides that the triangle should remain unresolved, by all means it is their right. But denial of the obvious facts from the TV show and refusing to believe that Sheryl did NOT have the upper hand at the end of the series is what it is, denial.

In reference of the movie, I do not believe it should affect the opinion on the TV show outcome because it is a retelling rather than a conclusion. It's in the same boat as regarding DYRL Minmei a class apart from TV Minmei, they're different.

Now in this I have already addressed the main point of my second post which also addresses the second issue in my first post, the wording "we all". My second post can be found here, it is an expansion of the idea of "we all".

As I said there, "we all" watched the same show. And so the word "we all" was properly used within my first post. To justify my usage of "we all", I draw my findings not from within myself, but from what is laid out before me, the facts, the truth. We cannot escape the truth.

Do not try to slight my choice of wording because of your own inability to see things the way they are.

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