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That's the beauty of a story for writers, they'll lay out scenes where it's obvious in what way they were meant to be interpreted but there are always cases where they purposely leave certain moments ambiguous. Macross Frontier contains exactly that, an ambiguous ending which leaves the audience with different ways of interpreting it.
Now, saying it is canon may be pushing it alittle bit, but Sheryl did have the advantage at the end of the series.

Why? it's as simple as the scene in Ep 24. I didn't see anything that could rival the scene in terms of intimacy with Ranka in the final episode (and if anybody did... well thats stretching it a little bit). As a matter of fact, neither of the relationships were developed in 25. Leaving 24 as the latest development.

Remember- What comes first isn't that important. What comes last is the most important.

I will add this though: neither of the pairings are in concrete.

We have the movie as the closest thing (if they do solidly end it).

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