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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
did you really just bring up kagami? i was hoping to be done hearing about him after that silly theory of him being tobi... kagami was a throwaway character that was included for the sole reason of enforcing the concept that the uchiha weren't always segregated and were normal members of konoha teams like other clans. there is no need or purpose to see that character again. might as well ask to see the akamichi team member
If it's an Uchiha then there are not many to choose from. Two who should know a lot about the relation between the village and the clan were Kagami and Sasuke's fahter (of course i consider only already named characters). Sasuke's fahter should know everything about the Uchiha's plan, but if Itachi told the whole plan to Sarutobi then it's really not needed to resurrect him (except the emotional impact of Sasuke meeting his father again, and that alone gives it a chance of happening). Kagami would be interesting because he lived while Sarutobi was leading the village and when Danzou began his own anbu army and his secret operations against almost everyone in the plot.

Could also be Shisui, that would be quite interesting, however i think it's unlikely because his genjutsu is too strong. But it would be quite fun to see Shisui being ordered by Orochimaru to implant into Naruto the order of fighting against the alliance and Konoha A fight where Sasuke defends Konoha and Naruto attacks it would be quite a big plot twist Lately the manga has become a too predictable, so that would be a quite interesting turn of events.

So there are the 3 named Uchiha that witnessed the relation between the village and the clan, or can you think of someone else? (i left Izuna out because he was already dead by the time the village was formed) If Sasuke wants to know what are these organizations and how they related then he should ask an Uchiha leader too, not only kages. And he has one spare Zetsu body for that.
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