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Originally Posted by Hasumi View Post
I thought Shisui's death was staged?

What, so he's really dead? Didn't Itachi say he 'disappeared'?
Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
i'm not so sure of that. in the latest episode it was made quite clear that shisui's death was staged and that itachi took on the suspicion himself to help the cause. after that, danzo took an eye and then he gave the other eye to itachi and vanished. he was meant to be another possibility for tobi's identity i think. the third and only other reasonable theory imo after obito and izuna. he still may show up in the story possibly. probably with no eyes still
It says quite clearly in 550 that Shisui is dead. In fact he died "suddenly" after taking out his own MS (Itachi gained his MS by assisting Shisui in his suicide). The whole disappearance thing is just what Shisui and Itachi did to ensure that Shisui's body was never closely examined.

Additionally, Danzou took Shisui's eye before he killed himself. Shisui attempted to use his eye to change Danzou (and presumably others) responses to the potential coup, but he failed and Danzou stole one of his eyes. His suicide (and giving his other eye to Itachi) was the result of this conflict with Danzou: he did not want Danzou to take both eyes nor gain his body after death.
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