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Now that 4 Hokages are here, will we have the longest flashback in Naruto so far?
The life of the 4 Hokages could be a spin-off easily

I must say that the overuse of dialectic in the story, the way arguments for or against are systematically exposed for any person, who wants to make a choice make the reading of Naruto less fun.
It is done in a complex manner and now we have new things about Shinigami jutsu only added to bring back the Hokages for the sake of exposing new perspectives to Sasuke.

Saying that I wonder if the Hokages will bring new unexpected elements, maybe telling the way they treated Uchihas was for a greater cause. I am always surprised S06P left somethings for Uchihas, but nothing has been heard about a message for Senju.
And it seems Sasuke lacks a purpose in the story. If that only confirms Sasuke's beliefs, he should side with Tobi and Madara to defeat Konoha's army and not waiting the remaining Uchihas are on the verge of losing.
Except for Rin's death I don't have any specific I want to that was hinted, but not really explained. Except if something we currently know turns out to be false (like Shisui's death for example).
The death of the first Hokage and his fight with Madara interest me though.
If the second Hokage was the creator of Edo Tensei, on who did he use before forbidding the technique

Shinigami technique seems a Uzumaki technique. I am not familiar enough with Japanese folklore to know where the story of the mask comes from.

If Madara can break from Edo Tensei, can one of the Hokages do the same? If they go to the battle, it will be strange that Tobi meets the 4th.
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