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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
i would agree except for the fact that konoha was still pretty recently obliterated. doing it again would be hackneyed from a writing perspective. i think sasuke using them to take out all the major players in the war would be effective enough. hashirama and tobirama vs madara and obito, hiruzen vs orochimaru and minato vs naruto... just speculating
It was stated that those were just the buildings, most of the people were at the shelters while those who were killed were resurrected anyway. Now only the civilans and children (the "king" as they say) are in konoha, it would be the perfect time to do it. Of course it would be somewhat repetitive since Nagato had the same goal. Right now Sasuke's alibi for not doing so is that he is confused and searches for definitive answers.

What i don't get is why would Sasuke help the alliance against 2 Uchiha? It doesn't make sense in case of Madara, in case of Tobito it would make sense to get his revenge on him for killing the clan, but not when he fights the alliance.
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