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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
I agree, an explanation is in order...we just don't need it during the course of current events. Honestly, based on what we currently know, it really doesn't matter to anything going on currently.
we still dont know the full extent of the knowledge sasuke needs to make his decision. shisui would be able to give him info from the uchiha's perspective. so could others too like his father of course

What closure? He is said to have died as he lived, protecting Konoha and attempting to save the Uchiha Clan.
same could have been said for obito. he 'died' under the boulder in a fitting way that provided closure to his character and he came back as another character basically. asuma had closure and came back. so did itachi as far as he could see at the time he died, everything went smoothly. with shisui we've heard him mentioned a lot, but never really saw any of it. his supposed death isn't concrete at all. and we don't know how he advanced his eyes to become one of the most elite uchiha in history. how is that closure? and even if you think it's closure, he can still obviously come back just like those other characters

And truthfully nothing he says can't be said by others
thats simply not true based on the fact that kishi can write whatever he wants if this turn of events came into play. it could be particulars from the uchiha perspective about the coup or some secrets about danzo or root or the sharingan, etc...

As it is, I'm still confused as to what mysteries you are referring to.
death isn't confirmed. MS reason isn't explained yet. i can't make it much clearer

(If you want further rampant speculation...Shisui was Obito's brother, and that is why Obito was so interested in the eyes. But, Shisui completely destroyed himself so as to keep the power of EMS out of Obito's hands.)
i dont see the harm in speculation. it beats having no discussion. like i've said, i think its improbable, but possible for shisui to return. and i dont see any reason to say its impossible. as for your speculation, it actually could happen that way

Honestly, if you want a real mystery: Who the hell is Itachi's girlfriend?
i've always kind of wanted to know, but in naruto female characters are so useless, that i also kind of didn't

What more can be said about his techniques that hasn't already been said in the manga?
possibly nothing, possibly something. him returning doesnt require him to unveil any new techniques. if anything, i would assume he would be blind with a head wrap on or something
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