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Originally Posted by Enternal View Post
If you are a frequent reader of twitter, you will notice that there's not that many tweets about Eri but lots of Maki yet the fact that Eri and Maki is so close means that for some weird reason, Eri fans are rather quiet about it...
- Eri Fans = Dignifed Silence.

Kiddign aside, Eri's got a lot of fans. It's just that most aren't as vocal as Maki fans. But definitely, she has a pretty big fanbase.

Now that the Love Live girls are getting Nendoroids, I'm hoping they get the Figma treatment eventually. That might take awhile, though--last I heard Figma was planning to do the main IdolM@ster cast, but that's kind of stalled as well. Hope it gets off the ground, though--in terms of quality sculpts and cost, figma is probably the best for female posable figures...
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