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Originally Posted by Enternal View Post
To be exact, it's only supposed to be a poll to pick the next center for the 6th PV. But... if you really like a character, you will more than likely vote for your favorite character even though the purpose of the poll is somewhere else.


D-DAT TAPESTRY!!! O.o *drools*

btw, the vote's result:

K-Kotori is the last??!

Originally Posted by Maki
With me as the new Center for the unit single, u's will finally take a reign over this country! Everyone, follow me ♥

Maki's Message
Finally, after a long wait, this day has come!! At long last, the era had caught up to me♪ please look at me, as i stand at the place i should be in the future. Are you happy, everyone? From now on, i will give you all more and more pleasant feelings, just wait for it. I will show you the Charm of QUEEN Maki ♥

The 6th single is the start of Lovelive Next Project Part 1, and also, in the upcoming anthology manga to be released on 27th June, the top 3 in the election will be the cover girl, which is Maki, Honoka and Eli. The illustration for the cover will be handled by Otono Natsu.
hmm... love live! next project part 1... probably something will come soon...


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