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Since somebody did a thread, I will ask a question myself here, are there any people here buying lightnovel on kindle? More accurately I would like to know if it's possible to buy an ebook ( from amazon jp) on a european kindle. Or do I need to get a japanese kindle ?

Thanks in advance.
Are you talking about Japanese ebooks?
Aside from kindle, there are other options like kinoppy and bookwalker (which has the largest selection of light novels as it's owned Kadokawa themselves). If you own an android device, you can install bookwalker app via direct apk installation method from bookwalker's website (since it's not in play outside of Japan). It's possible to purchase ebooks outside of Japan using paypal as your method of payment, unless the titles are region restricted, such as the manga Isshuukan Friends, in which case you would need a Japanese vpn.

Though there are some Dengeki titles which may not be available or may not be at the latest volume yet. As far as I know, pretty much all Fujimi titles are available, and released on same day as hardcopy.

I'm on almost all-ebook now for all my new purchases (including manga if it's available) since last year due to space concerns in my home But I only use bookwalker so I don't know about kindle.

EDIT: on another note, like what BaronNoir said, I do remember that you can't buy cross-border books for kindle. There are workarounds for this, though Amazon has the right to perm-ban you and revoke your rights to all your existing purchases if you get caught.
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