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Bleach Episode 280 Discussion Thread

Ladies and Gentlemen. Good morning. Watched the episode.

It started out with a friendly discussion between Hiyori and Hitsugaya. It ended with enough ammunition to build my own ship: Hitsugaya + Hiyori, and set sail. Lisa joins in to complete the threesome so they can combine their expertise against the lovely Halibel whose moist sense of irony is always lost on me. Huh? I didn't care to remember what transpired next until Hachi started to erect large construction around Barragan. Alas! Barragan kept yapping about the power of aging. blah blah blah blah and a lot's of blah blah blah later... Hachi decided to build an elaborate construction to isolate Barragan. He also pleads with feisty, flat chested Soi Fon to lend her flashy missile of a bankai that suspiciously takes the shape of giant metallic peni.. er... Soi Fon, like the true lady she is, is still reluctant. After a bit more negotiation, Soi Fon grows her erect missile and launches it through the tiny opening accessible to Hachi's construction which confined Barragan and forced its way in to finish the job. I like Soi Fon.

The most interesting part about this episode was when Hachi said, "I give the King of Hueco Mundo my deepest condolences." Well, that was the extent of my enjoyment. I'm also glad Hiyori found her playmate, finally. I guess Hitsugaya liked what he saw too for he couldn't keep his hands off the goods.

Enjoy the discussion.

Absolutely no manga spoilers in any anime-only threads such as the weekly Episode Discussion threads. That means, no hints, or vague remarks about a future event from the manga, even within the spoiler tags. Inability to observe this rule will result in a BAN!
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