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Suprisingly that was a really good episode, looks like next one is the last for me.

I always thought that Hachi's barrier is orange, not green...

The Hiyori/Hitsu interection was funny, those two should stick together.
Liked the edit moments of Halibel's fight, it actually makes her look worthy in comparison to manga where she seemed to be completly trashed.

Soi Fon needs tp lessen her pride a bit though... but I also would be annoyed if I knew that the guy I hate is spying on me... but still her desicion at first was wrong...

But still liked their interection, it is actually a bit strange that Hachi actually remembers her when she back then was basicly no one.

Can't wait to see a trapped Urahara

Also Soi Fon's evil smile before she shot was aweasome, liked how she was shining as well.

Hachi pwns!

It is sad that Kubo had to make a complete idiot out of Barragan in order to defeat hi... Barragan alone coud kill almost everyone there.

Lol at special, poor Hisagi
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