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Originally Posted by monir View Post
It started out with a friendly discussion between Hiyori and Hitsugaya. It ended with enough ammunition to build my own ship: Hitsugaya + Hiyori, and set sail.
I have to agree they really gave enough material to put that ship together . I was surprised just how much focus was spent on their bickering. Though think Hitsugaya should thank Hiyori since staying there with Hallibel is much safer than going after Aizen. But yeah let's just leave the fight to Lisa while those two work through their issues. Apparently being two relatively short people of high rank they needed to vent .

Anyways know it's 3 vs 1, but would have thought we'd see that trio get a bit more serious. Hallibel is still in her resurrection state while neither vizard has released their swords nor used their masks and Hitsugaya hasn't used his bankai again. Guess since the main focus was on taking down Barragan that they didn't want to make things too serious.

Yeah I couldn't help thinking about why Barragan didn't just fly around the wall floating in the air instead of just standing there. I guess seeing his opponents as weak is the excuse for him getting owned. Kind of sad though that they needed to bribe Soi Fon into attacking again.
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