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Originally Posted by TheRime View Post
YES, thank you. Or fly above it. Or under it. Or diagonally.

And what is UP with Stark and Lilynette's butt?

Not to mention: awwwww at Hiyori and Toshiro, and LOL at Lisa

barragan has always been my favorite espada....and i think he's probably got the potential to be the most powerful or one of the most powerful characters in all of bleach. his arrogance and laziness and underestimating his enemies is his downfall though.

i his unreleased form he was able to touch soi fon without her even knowing and without much effort (maybe a combination of time warping and sonido)....and then there's his respira and we never really got to see what gran caida could do. if he only would use his super speed and actually bother to move....he could've really killed aizen i think.

as for stark and lilinette....well they're one being so he's really just playing with himself....i mean honestly...if you were a lonely guy stuck in a lonely place and could do one would be to get a girl asap.

hiyori and hitsuguya was funny lol....and lisa's explanation was equally funny.
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