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Originally Posted by Tempest35 View Post
I think that Tsukune is aware that there is a possibility that he might have at least a part of the Shinso blood within him, expecially since Moka has given him a lot of blood over a period of time. It seems that the Shinso transfer is sudden and done in one pass but no one knows if it can be transfered over a period of time.

And as for everyone loving Akasha, who just happens to look like Outer Moka, TRUST ME, if Outer acted ANYTHING like Akasha did, we'd love her just as much as Inner. Actually, there'd be no need for Inner if Outer acted like Akasha in the first place, right? And damn, chibi white-haired Moka's gonna turn me into a lolicon if I don't see the older vers. soon... -_-

... And now, when it's Moka's turn to fight Alucard, in what skimpy outfit will she do it in? I'm thinking black stilleto boots, low cut red leather shorts, a black sleeveless top w/ gloves.
Or she can just wear what she did when she fought the gremlins on the plane
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