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Originally Posted by Jaden View Post
I'm interested in this but there are already some things to nitpick about...

Firstly, it seems you play as the "dragon born", with a defined role, name, race, and gender. So does this mean it's a far more plot driven and linear game than the past ones? It certainly limits character creation and roleplaying opportunities.

Secondly it seems the lore presented doesn't fit into the established universe. Like since when are the Skyrim nords in war with each other, and how come there are suddenly evil dragons? And doesn't such a plot resemble Dragon Age and Cataclysm a bit too much?
Wasn't the final boss of Oblivion a sort of evil Dragon-God?
So it is not far-fetched that a Dragon-God would have created Dragons. They just haven't been around until now.

And I am sure there is no problem with the racial freedom in character creation. "Dragon-born" can be metaphorical, and don't forget how in Morrowind you are actually a reincarnation of a hero. If they go for the reincarnation-card in Skyrim too then your character can be literally anyone.
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