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You are undersizing Kinzo's responsibility here.

He isn't just responsible for owning the explosives, he is responsible for setting up a complex system to make them all blow up with the clear purpose of destroying the mansion an killing off anyone who lives inside.

Even though he never actually did it, he still created the system that could allow him to do it at any given moment just by pressing a switch.

Since the previous example wasn't enough then let me change it to fit with the scenario even more.

Someone places a high amount explosive right under your house. and then connects it to a remote device. He could push the button at any given time. However in the end he doesn't do that. And yet, someone later, by accident, pushes the button and your house is gone.

There is no doubt that the one that pushes the button is by no mean accountable for what he did. But can you say that the whole thing was an accident or that no one is at fault here?

I'd say that the fact a huge amount of explosive was set to blow up your house is nowhere close to have happened by accident.

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