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Originally Posted by Mr. Johnny 5 View Post
With the Juubi soon gone...
Where is this coming from? The army's intent was never to defeat the Jyuubi; they have no hope of defeating the Jyuubi, it can only be sealed away or split apart. Last chapters attack was purely to separate Madara (and I guess Tobi) from the Jyuubi (whether the Jyuubi goes inert or insane is currently unknown). Now the army will focus on defeating these two opponents, and then they'll focus on the monster that can destroy the planet (and that's only if Madara doesn't still reach his goal of becoming a Jinchuuriki anyway, which honestly seems just as likely as not).

Originally Posted by Captain Commando View Post
A collaborative effort would mean Naruto has to share his glory...
Did you completely skip Chapter 617?
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