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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
It targets the one closest to a monitor. It's not a pick and choose thing.

Anyway, I will never actually like Sakakura, but that doesn't mean I can't respect him for how he went out. He really gave it his all.

As for brainwashing and suicide, I disagree. While I didn't put them together before, I always argued that it's pretty likely that the attacker themselves were unaware of the fact.

As for brainwashing being a possibility, I would like to point out that brainwashing anime has existed several episodes ago.
Not in Mirai though. - It doesn't really make for a good and consistant story when you need knowledge the detective has never really been shown to have to solve a case. That eneables you as viewer to theoretically solve it - not the detective though making the conclusion kinda random.

The last mystery remaining is who is the mastermind.
And I will note this here myself: While both Junko and Chisa are valiable options - you don't need to be either one of these.
If you look at the video again it will be strangely familiar, which is basically because (and please correct me if I am wrong here) it is a scene from the Monokuma theatre of DR 1.
The one who could have made it is thus still Junko and whoever could have used it later on.

The real question is imho why they would kill Chisa off first (regardless of whether she turns out to be part of this) when she is actually clearly a remnant of despair;
Sure the Monitors add a certain random factor, but the remnant b eing hit first is a bit too much of a coincidence. imho.
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