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That being said they already won as Naegi survived, so I wonder why Monokuma didn't announce that.
I was wondering this... but Monokuma was very obviously prerecorded so the game really does seem unattended for now. I'm really sort of wondering if its actually being broadcast though and if so to where or to who. Sort of have a batshit theory I'm trying to piece together.

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
As for brainwashing and suicide, I disagree. While I didn't put them together before, I always argued that it's pretty likely that the attacker themselves were unaware of the fact.
I'm okay with suicide monitors I guess but Junko's brainwashing methods have been portrayed as being a bit too permanent for alternating attackers to really be functional. That said though... considering how fast Naegi was hit and how fast it wore off I'm really sort of wary of Mitarai right now.

To add/echo -- Despair and Future are very much one series.
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