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@chiba: I've only read chapter 72 and onward in Japanese. So I was just going on "itadaku"

@tempest: Yeah so maybe "yoma" is a strain, poison, virus etc. of some sort. The first creation could have been a Yoma or an AB. Then they took it down a notch, and made Claymores. Although it could be that the ABs were something new, the next stage of "evolution". maybe Riful has the secret potion but can't use it effectively without yoki manipulation.

Oh wait, revelation...they experiment with different doses, and that, along with the way it reacts with each individual, determines the Claymores strength. Clarice wasn't a failure but an experiment! It turns out her and Miata (the weakest and the strongest) make a good team, so they are sent on a quest to see what Clarice, (and Miata) are capable of. The monsters they encounter are sent in waves, "survival mode" style by the Organization to see how effective Clarice can be in combat, and if she gets in a jam, ironically it is Miata who has to be her mommy (this also gives Miata a challenge, keeping her on her toes and testing her sensory skills to the max. only fighting Yoma is just too easy)

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