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There is no question Senjougahara is very serious about Araragi. However, I'm not yet sold on the fact the feeling is quite mutual yet with Araragi. What we know about him thus far that he is very very kind. He will probably feed Shinobu his blood for the rest of his natural life. Meaning, he will do whatever is needed to be done for the sake of someone else. One of the underlying meaning Hanekawa tried to express in episode 8 was just that. She emphasized the fact that he was going out with Senjougahara.

Yeah, many little things about Senjougahara, the kind of attention she gives to him makes Araragi happy. That said, however, I don't think he is fully committed to the role of her lover as of yet. That might change in the future, but I believe that isn't the case in the present.

Fortunately, Senjougahara is just as unique. Senjougahara's persistence will pay off considering she is willing to go out with him, knowing very well he will put their interest/happiness aside if there is someone who he can help. Any other normal woman won't put up with that. Lucky for Araragi, she won't give up on him because she accepted him for the very reason that defines him. What she will continue to do is to wait for Araragi to come into full realization of what her confession to him means. When she is suffering she will keep it to herself because she wanted him to put it into words and he did so in episode 5. We will know he is serious about her when he says his line after pointing his hand toward Senjougahara's direction. Until then....
Unlike Tsubasa, Hitagi has no fetters that prevent her from properly pushing Koyomi's buttons.

She is greedy. She sees what she wants and is going to take it.

Women like Hitagi reach far in real life.

Kanbaru also figured Koyomi out. Which brings to mind an idea to me.

I bet if Hitagi did not start dating Koymi first, Suruga would have scopped him up.

That is also one of Hitagi's reasons for making Suruga hang out with Koymi.

Aa Hanekawa said "She [Hitagi] wants to know that Koymi would pick her out of the two [Suruga & Hitagi] in a room"

I am convinced that Koyomi does care the most (loves) Hitagi for the simple reason that he asks Hanekawa for advice on how to progress with her.

He is taking steps to meet her on an "even" footing... so much so he is now aiming for the same University that she will go to.

No other female character can get Koyomi to study... but Hitagi did... what power is that ?
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