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Neat how the two most suspicious frames were cut. Wonder what the deal is there?
"Fuck yeah, I'm gonna confirm that Kyrie theory and-wait, that's totally retarded. Scrap."

Clearly, Beatrice was one of those inflatable dolls that really desperate guys get as sex toys. Shannon made it for him after determining at the age of 12 that he would never get a girlfriend, and made the blow-up doll as a result. Battler loved the doll, but the rest of the family did not approve. So he killed them. Tohya doesn't mention the doll because, well, would you in his shoes? "Oh, I escaped the island with my blow-up waifu, but she got knocked into the ocean and I got brain damage trying to save her."
Blowuptrice didn't commit suicide; she deflated and sank to the bottom of the sea.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who reached these conclusions. And yes when in the scroll text it is said that Battler follows Beatrice in the depth of the ocean it really symbolizes the death of the Battler's personality. It is also entirely possible that the Battler's amnesia is psychological and not somatic. Maybe he decided to let his old self sink in the Ocean with Beatrice. Maybe the reason he was so scared to become Battler was because as long as he was Tohya he couldn't feel the pain for the loss of his love and his family.

It is also interesting to note that Beatrice says she's a dweller of the world of illusions and that's why she can't go with Battler. I think that's the most apparent proof that she wasn't a real Yasu.
Well, I'm sold. Also, I already came to the conclusion that Toya essentially induced his amnesia subconsciously; it's the only way to make that twist un-retarded.

George sprite sortof makes sense. The George/ Shannon thing is clearly rather important, considering it was one of the only non-adult related things that was in the ep7 tea party. Uh... anyone got any idea why?
George's proposal = "shit gets real." This has been shoved down our throats in EP7.

Episode 2 can be explained with "Shannon did it" that works at least as well as "Shkanon did it"; "Rosa / Gohda" did it also explains everything nicely. (Gohda is Maria's father. She told Gohda that Krauss was looking for a chef partly out of compassion, and partly to get a spy on Krauss. She removed the key from Maria's envelope a little after midnight. Gohda killed Nanjo and Kumasawa (later than they said), plus Shannon and George, but either George got a good wound in during the fight, or else Gohda tripped and landed on the stake.)
No one replied to this, so I'm going to make it quick: You're trying to look at each episode as a self-contained work: That's not gonna work out. You also ignored some reds.
When the Silent Spirits Cry: An Umineko/Silent Hill crossover fanfiction
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