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I think Episode8 shows that the EP7 tea party in the end is the representation of the "Rudolf's family culprit theory" that the goats of EP8 keep talking about.

It is explained that after the popular "Eva culprit theory" the magazines and the talk shows started inquiring about Rudolf and Kyrie and of course they found a lot of shady stuff. Kyrie being connected to a well known Yakuza family, Rudolf being a swindler since the time of the university. They dug up some other shady business they probably engaged in in their past.

Tying that with the fact that Ange was left behind, they proposed the theory that they were the culprits that caused the tragedy in the island. Plus the audience was getting tired of the Eva culprit theory and they wanted to speculate about something more exciting. This new theory renewed the interest about the incident.

It is shown that this theory started spreading at the time Ange was on Saint Lucia, quite well hinted by the fact you see goats in female school uniforms talking about that.

The "wild theories" of the goats then went even further by adding Battler in the picture.

Naturally those theories do not really make much sense, at least not in the way they are formulated. The story itself calls those "wild theories" for a reason I think.

To begin with the Eva culprit theory completely lacked an explanation as to why Eva would kill her own son and husband. And its weaker point was the claim that Eva planned everything. If she really planned that, then she would have planned something to say after the facts.

So in the end EP7 tea party only represented one or the most common interpretation of the Rudolf's culprit theory (before they added Battler in the picture I guess).

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