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Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
I don't know about the first question, but as for the second, she regained her memories, which is why she knew she failed.
She only regained her memories in 1999, yet it seems like Mr. Braun had known her by that name a lot longer than that. That's what bothers me.

Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
Refer to Okarin's last D-mail, allowing her to use it before it breaks down in the storm.
Yes, there's no problem with the most world line where she kept her memories, I'm talking about the previous one where she spent 24 years without any memories and yet apparently used her father's name. I kinda thought she would turn out to be Daru's mother/grandmother for a moment lol (kinda like what happened to Fry in Futurama).
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