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Awesome episode! This series is getting more and more interesting by every episode... if this keeps up all the way till the end (not many episodes left*cry*) it'll be my all time favourite anime series. If the VN had an English translation I'd definitely check it out!

I actually was sad for Suzuha... I wonder if she managed to find the IBN5100 now that she didn't have the amnesia.

As for the end of this episode, I guess (just speculation) that either Kurisu is dead/will be the one to be killed instead of Mayuri OR Suzuha's death was enough to "satisfy" the unavoidable fate in which Mayuri died no matter what.

AAarrgh, now I'll have to wait for the next episode :((

What did the lab members need the IBN5100 anyway btw? I thought it was just for decoding the SERN stuff but was it actually time machine related?
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