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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
We never did hear from Hanzo again...

Not unless it's a city wide prank to fool tourists

Too bad the Toaru promotion is over.

Osaka is pretty up to date, found NT4 and even Intellivillage no Zashiki-Warashi, at least in those proper bookstores.

I've manage to find ranchy comics in those convenient stores as well, I don't mean ecchi fanservice stuff like to-love-ru, I'm talking about the REAL deals You don't see that in the Animes
Yea the mainland is great I run up to Tokyo when i can, cause they have everything in Akihabara.

Originally Posted by Phibrizzo View Post
I must say Lawson are impressive on their own way, everything is so... small.

7 eleven are packed but lawson give a nice feeling that everything is spreed and there's a lot of room.
Lawsons fried chicken is one of the top ten greatest foods in the world....

hmm i seem to have gotten off topic somewhere .... The next volume could kinda go in any direction I'm hopeing the little sister sticks with Touma as a maid.
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