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AKB0048 06 - ア!ア!アンチのレス キ!キ!気にしすぎて

I know "legion of fans" is usually more euphemistic, but seeing it made much more literal... was actually kind of cool. I know idol otaku and anime otaku are different (sort of), but their mecha would do Machine Itasshar proud. The glowstick missiles were also pretty awesome. The main thrust of the episode was Orine, so for her storyline:

I thought The Masked Messenger might have a point at first, but I lost respect for them once they mentioned the bomb threat. They're young, but that just makes things worse. While Orine might not have totally won him over, I think the ending was the best of all worlds. She gets someone critical of her work, but who she can also put some trust in, and The Masked Guy shows that there's some good inside after all. Overall, a nice mix of Orine focus and worldbuilding this week.

Seriously, glowstick missiles.
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