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Originally Posted by Peanutbutter View Post
Just for lulz: (Not by me though)

Spoiler for Ep 8 amended image:
Level 5(Mixed with level 0) people from To aru has invaded Saki! Someone help!!

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yes that one. considering owada hideki write about RITZ before not really surprised if we see any Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku references

now i really want to play that to aru mahjong again
Hmm... Sounds interesting that anime. Guess if have time I will pick it up.

You win, get Biribiri'd. Simple as that.(If you get what I am saying. )

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Actually, 1 pin is the most focused tile in Saki.

Any opponents who draw up 1 pin in the final round are doomed to lose.

If you know what I mean. ^^
But it is a terminal tile... What can it do other than non-tanyao hand?
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