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Okay you know what screw Shannon and Kanon being the same person and screw Jessica and George being the same person because we all know that the truth is that they are all the same person. ShKanJessGeo Theory. Also my other theory is that Yasu never had anything wrong with her. What happened was that as a baby Yasu was born with several physical disabilites and so the mother threw the baby in the ocean hoping it died but through several miracles that baby washed up on Rokkenjima which was an old abandoned mansion that use to belong to a very wealthy family. Soon after washing up there Yasu was saved by a flock of seagulls who raised her and she even named the seagulls. She named the biggest leader one Kinzo and all the others after other people. Eventually she fell into insanity and began to personifie the seagulls as other humans and because she lacked breasts she gave them all huge breasts. She wrote murder mysteries about her seagull friends but once she realized it was impossible for the seagulls to read she shipped them off under the name Maria because she really loved the Maria Seagull and wanted to be like her. Yasu then found a cave and a clock. She turned the switch and the island exploded because she thought the switch turned the clock on. There now everything makes sense. Also Tohya is an escaped mental patient whose soul is linked to that of the seagull Yasu had a crush on.
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