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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
I think this is where people are having problems with the Marty Stu argument. "Mary Sue" originally referred to a type of character that plagued Star Trek fanfic -- she'd come on the Enterprise and solve problems that stump Spock and Scotty, wow Kirk with her bravery, beat Sulu in a fencing competition, etc. That isn't Kirito -- his comrades consider him a great fighter, but they question his decisions, in particular his insistence on being a solo player, and sometimes he screws up royally. That's not Mary Sue; that's Kirk.
Needs more shirt tearing and moral posturing to be Kirk.

As for the fights, well I kind of have had the same problem up to now that others have. Every fight typically feels like it's either a one shot or that there's no real way to do proper damage (TCG fight much?) except for the very first one in episode 2 which was great. Can't help but compare everything since to the likes of Accel World, Hunter x Hunter and Horizon which lay it all out on the table every time there's so much as a a skirmish. Truly I've been spoiled by a lot of great fights in anime lately such that this ones indeed comes off feeling lacklustre.

Character development in this show is okay. Liz seems like she'll be a recurring character (show desperately needs another one other than Asuna and Klein) and like she can provide good support for missions to come with her smithing skills, but I doubt she'll be along for the ride in fights since she's very clearly in the can't do damage category. The very quickly developed feelings for Kirito were indeed pretty sudden, but I think she admires him for his bravery more than anything and will get over it and that's the last we'll see of that. Not the most compelling side story, but not exactly the worst character introduction either and she gets to live at the end too.

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