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I think it was pretty good, the crystals by the dragon looked nice. I'm glad they put this into one episode instead of spreading it out. Though I think they were kind of too calm when falling from the sky, maybe should've been slightly more worried. Liz's reactions to some of the things were pretty funny, but I think in the episode I watched some of the subtitles were translated awkwardly. Instead of Asuna and Liz talking about finding "someone" important it said "something." That may just be me interpreting it wrong. The dragon was decent, but kinda random in what it did too. The emotional scenes for Liz were decent. I am confused how Kirito's and Liz's health bars were both at about the same level despite Kirito's level being a lot higher, including his healing and health, as seen from him surviving the yellow group gank in a previous episode.

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