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Originally Posted by Adigard View Post
To take the Accel World comparison though, losing a fight in AW means you lose access to a game. A vital game that many of the characters are hopelessly addicted to, and one that has strong side benefits for their real lives... but they don't die for losing. They just lose access to a game.

The Horizon anime, in a similar vein, hasn't had many duels to the death. The characters can give it their all, but they don't 'typically' die when they fail.

SAO conversely is a death-game the player's are hostages in. It's all well and good to wish there would be more risk of death in these fights, but the player's themselves would have to be insane to venture into that sort of battle. Remember they're captives held against their will, not brave and bright-eyed heroes who have volunteered to be there.

Kirito is vastly over-leveled for the content he's partaking in, so it should seem easy. If the current floor is somewhere in the late 60's or early 70's (napkin math, HO!) then he could be 90th level. The Dragon as a powerful monster on the 56th floor shouldn't be ANY sort of challenge to him. It's not meant to be a fight with a risk of death, he's just trying to get materials for a new sword.

Even the front line fights shouldn't have much risk of death. I mean, really. If you think about it they should have long hours of strategy sessions and scouting attempts prior to any boss fight, followed by lots of switching out and resting while healing with those healing potions we keep seeing. Losing the entirety of your front line raid group in a single battle would set the rest of the hostages back an unbelievable amount of time.

Most MMO's treat falling damage as a percentage of total health, so high level player's don't go skydiving 'just because they can'.
You missed the point of what I was talking about. I wasn't talking about high the stakes are, though I do appreciate that, I was talking about just how exciting the fights were which so far has only really been the case for the 2nd one. None of the other fights have really gotten my blood pumping because they're usually very one-sided affairs because of the level difference and the only real tension is whether the girl Kirito's with that week is going to do something foolish to get herself killed anyway. I'm told that's to change once we hit the main story again though.
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