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Yeah, those stupid deus ex machina cubes don't sit well with me either. Just take them out, make technology the cutting-edge (and ONLY) advantage of humans, and I'd be more accepting of Soukoku. The foundations were there, but the execution was just iffy at best.

That, and have them explore the levels humanity is willing to reach just to try and stand on equal footing with the gods they stood against (genetic manipulation, WMDs, etc.), and what they were willing to sacrifice in order to get that far just to survive. That was another aspect I felt Soukoku really missed out on, because the whole "lol superpowers" aspect just downplayed it so badly (it's also relevant as to why the existence of the 'Godslayer' is such an anathema to the entirety of Dir=Lyfna, lore-wise; because Gods are as close to the penultimate existence as you can get).
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