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Originally Posted by aohige View Post
Btw, those worrying about Infinite Ryvius...
IMO, Ryvius is still the best anime Taniguchi has ever made, IMO.
Don't worry, it's one of the best Sci-Fi anime ever.
I have heard this before too. 0_o well, I've enjoyed all his other stuff, I don't doubt it'll be fun. (still, what about Planetes? ). anyway...

Diethard said nothing to Sayoko about finding out who Zero is.
What he said, is that in time he'll introduce her to Zero, so until then stay in the Britanian settlement as a spy.
you're the native speaker, not me. ^_^b

probably shouldn't have even bothered posting what I assumed using the japanese comprehension of a 2 year old. ;_;
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