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Originally Posted by escimo View Post
On an unrelated side note.
I got a new job! Hooray!

The title is something like Media content manager or something like that. Job includes pagination, composition, graphics design, video and audio editing etc. Perfect for someone like me who does a little bit of everything but nothing particularly well... A transfer within the company so quite minimal hassle even. I need to wait till August for the transfer but my vacation is coming up as well so I think I'll handle the wait.

Me happy!
I'm getting rid of the incredibly tedious sales job.
Hey, congratulations! Does it come with... a pay raise? Planning on buying any neat new photography stuff? I'm planning on picking up an extension tube and a macro lens soon... and maybe one of Olympus' new low-range zoom lenses. Can't wait to get in on the macro photography scene.

Either way, media stuff is way funner than marketing. Enjoy!
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