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Yeah but the writer must have mentioned all the people that where there, from the way they talk about them they look like detailed narration of the events written in a diary-like format and they include fantastic stories of witches and demons as culprits.

Whatever the content of those letter is, it is certainly something worth of mention, however we are left on dark...

Supposing the letters where written a few days before the incident, the expected number of people should have been 19. But they are 18. If they were written even before then yeah Battler would have been omitted. But I don't think that's the case.
Battler is certainly a central element of this mystery, so "Beatrice" probably didn't even start her plan before knowing that he would go to this family meeting.

The most logical assumption is that she omitted Ange. However how did she know? And why nobody points out how suspicious this fact is? The content of those letters were even shown in magazines.

Another possibility is that there is a person whose existence was never disclosed to the public. This could be a point in favor of the shkannon theory. But then "Gretel" should have reacted to this person that wasn't supposed to be there in ep4.

In the end the most probable scenario is that Beatrice knew that Ange wouldn't attend the meeting and she didn't include her in the story.

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