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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
Ssol this screenshot only confirms that the letter sent to Nanjo is written with the same handwriting in Maria's diary. it doesn't prove anything else.

Ange did not confirm anything about the message in the bottle. She has never seen it!

If you want to prove that the message in the bottle is written with the same handwriting seen in Maria's diary, then provide the screenshot of what Professor Ootsuki says.
I never claimed that Ange saw the message in the bottle.

Again, Ange only confirmed that the handwriting matched. Here's the screenshots on how she did it:

Spoiler for Screenshots:

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
I never said that this particular statement was wrong. But you used this fact as way to claim that it is impossible to state that the message in the bottles where written before the Rokkenjima incident.

Sorry but this is irrelevant, because a message in the bottle was found on the very same day of the incident. This proves without any doubt that at least one message in the bottle was written before the incident and not after.
For continuation of the episode 3 story line, in both cases where a message in a bottle was found the on the day of the incident and many years later Eva was included amoung the victims. I agree that this seems to point to the messages from episode 3 being sent before the incident since Eva survives.

However, episode 1 only mentions the message that was found a few years later. Why would Ryukishi not state that a bottle that was found on the day of the incident for the endroll in episode 1? If the messages in bottles were really sent before the incident then why do have a difference between the time the first bottle is discovered episode 1 and the time episode 3's first bottle is discovered? The only thing that changes between the games is what happens during and after October 4-5 not what happens before. If the bottles were sent before the time the game begins then they should be recovered at the same time since the recovery occurs completely outside the game.

Edit: By the way, could you please make your case without adding the unnecessary comment saying that a theory you cannot absolutely disprove is irrelevant. None of this is in red so by that rule all of this can be bullshit. Make your own theory and I promise I won't call yours irrelevant.

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